It’s gettin’ real…

Just wrapped up our big Pilgrim Simulation project at school this week. My little kiddos are now walking around the world with words like Separatist, ‘tween deck, chamber pot, and Wampanoag in their vocabulary. They are well versed in the details of how the first feast became the first Thanksgiving. At one point in the project, students had to write and illustrate important facts to remember about The Mayflower (bonus points to the person who can tell me the name of their first ship. Without googling!) it was not an easy voyage. One of the women actually gave birth to her little baby boy while aboard the ship, and she named him Oceanus. Unfortunately, he only lived a few short months afterward. He passed away before the end of their first long winter, along with about half of their colony. One of my kiddos chose that as an important fact to illustrate, and this was her picture! Adorable. A little creepy but adorable. I loved my job again this week.