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I know that many folks are anxiously awaiting a post (or 10) about my trip to India. I won’t make you wait too long, I promise. I’m just not ready to write about it yet.  I’m not finished processing some of the things I saw and felt…but never fear, the India Chronicles are coming very soon.

Until then, let me introduce you to a new little project I’m starting for 2012. It’s called 52 Worth 1000. Each week I’ll post a photograph that was either taken or edited by me, that gives some sort of  little glimpse into my life throughout 2012.  The only common theme to the photos will be that they move my emotions. Which ones?….well that remains to be seen. Literally.

So….One photo per week, 52 weeks in the year, pictures are worth 1000 words… get it? 

Below is my first “52″ photo of the year. This may be worth 1000 words, but I can only choose one to describe it. Humbling.

Celebrating the new year by giving blankets to residents of a leper colony in Bargur, India.



One thought on “Humbling

  1. This is my devotion for today…thanks for giving us all a taste of what you did and saw and felt. I pray that all our lives may be touched through your trip. Love you…


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