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31 Days of Making Moments: Introduction

I’ve decided to take on a 31 Days writing challenge (along with about 500+ other folks!) that I stumbled across through a blog-linked-to-a-blog-linked-to-a-blog-that I love.  Since I’m already starting a new journey today that focuses on reorganizing my priorities so that my life is oriented around the things that matter, this is a great way for me to think through the journey.

As I was thinking about what I wanted my writings for the 31 Days series to be focused around, I thought of moments. Those moments of life that have been slipping by me so quickly and for so long, because I was too tired or stressed or distracted to really live in them. Those moments that make me laugh and cry and wince and melt and praise and know I’m human and eternal at the same time.  Those moments when I connect with my Creator, His Creation, and know that it’s good. Those moments are the ones that make up my life and yours, and they’re the ones I want to live in again.

I’ll be sharing the moments that I’m noticing and making as I ask God to show me how to make space  for them again, and I pray that some of them will be encouraging and inspiring to you. If you want to see the daily posts or archives for this series, just click on the “31 Days” tab at the top of the homepage.

Now go make a moment!


2 thoughts on “31 Days of Making Moments: Introduction

  1. I just read the first of October, (I started with today and went backwards!!!) so now I get what youare doing with your moments. What a GREAT idea!!!!! Krysten, I am now remembering that/why you and I need to get together and talk!!!!! YOu are a darling and I need to quit reading (procrastinating) and get my day started!!!!!


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