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31 Days Of…{1/31}

Welcome to my 31 Days 2015! Every year, hundreds of writers around the world link up for a challenge to write for 31 days straight for the month of October on a single topic. There are SO many wonderful ideas out there, but this year, I knew exactly what I would write about. Something dear to my heart. Something I love and want to share with the universe:


31 Days of My People.

We all have our people. You know the ones. Your tribe. The ones who “get” you. The ones you’ve known your whole life. The ones you met recently but would love to spend more time with. The ones you work alongside every day. The ones who live in your house and the ones who live far away and make you miss them dearly. We all have those people. They make up our world. Our memories. Our life, really.

I want to share the awesomeness of My People with you this month. They’re awesome not because they are mine, but because they each have qualities that make them so beautifully unique and admirable and real. I am convinced you will love them as much as I do. I’m convinced we all need our very own People.

My people are the best. The very, very best. They are so, so important to me.

They’re funny and silly and brilliant and deep wells of wisdom. They’re Christ-followers and agnostics. They are old and young, gay and straight. Mommies and Daddies —bio and step and adoptive–and hopefuls and just-fine-without-kiddos kinda folks.

They’re hair stylists and doctors and stay at home mommas (and dads!) and trash collectors and engineers and academics and nurses and nerdy computer people and blue collars and 9-to-5ers.

They’re organic veggies and Lunchables and runners and couch potatoes and pale like me and also every shade of brown and beautiful. My people are corn-fed Midwest, sweet-tea drinking South, and Pacific Northwest sustainable. They are complicated, tender-hearted, thoughtful, moody, opinionated, hilarious, and flawed just right for me.

I believe it’s Our People who truly make our lives. They’re the ones we make memories with. We carry one another’s burdens and celebrate one another’s glorious moments. Sometimes Our People can be ones we don’t even spend much time with, but they inspire us with lives lived with hearts wide open, so we scoop them right into our circles and call them our own.

I hope you’ll allow me to introduce you to some of My People, in hopes that they will inspire you to love your tribe of People with your whole life. (And to reach out and find Your People if you don’t have them quite yet.)

Join me back here every day in October. Tomorrow you’ll meet ONE of my many Jennifers!

PS: If you’d like, you can check out my 31 Days of Moments from way on back in 2011. And you can join the Write 31 Days Challenge too! Check out the details here.



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