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squeezed margins

I’m so loving/hating the 31 Days series on “margin” over at The Stanley Clan. I have read this most recent post about 6 times already, trying to lean into a version of those words that the author’s friend shared with her. They are so true and timely for me too, and I just don’t have a clue what I should do with them.

I know what needs fixed but just don’t know how to fix it exactly. An improvement in one area seems to inevitably mean suffering in another. Balance seems to be something always (way) beyond my grasp. I can’t figure out how “normal” people make it happen. I kind of feel like I’m setting up a bunch of those Jenga game towers, except none of them has all their pieces, so I keep having to take some from one tower to add it to the other, but then I turn right back around to figure out a way to get the first one built back up before it falls completely over.

Lord… Show me how to make even one margin. Just one.


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