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I Haven’t Washed My Face in a Month

Okay, well that’s not an entirely true statement. Let me rephrase:

I haven’t washed my face with soap in a month. Or face wash, or cleanser, or exfoliant scrub, or facial cream or any other sort of generally acceptable stuff people use to clean the funk off a face.

Now before you go unfriending me from Facebook and deleting the link to this blog because you think I’m a completely unclean weirdo… Let me explain.

A while back, when I was reading through yet another blog-I-found-through-a-blog-through-some-other-blog, I stumbled upon Simple Mom. Something about natural this or simplify that caught my eye there, and I was hooked on this lady’s pretty little pages. Then one day I stumbled across this post about cleaning your face naturally, which gives an incredibly comprehensive teaching on how to clean your face with oil.

Um, excuse me…what?? OIL. Olive oil, that is. Same stuff as in your kitchen. Usually mixed with Castor Oil, too. Yeah, people…that’s what it said. My eyes could hardly believe that business as I read the words of this seemingly-otherwise-normal lady describing how she puts straight olive oil in the palm of her hands, rubs it all into her skin, then steams her face and wipes it off. Ummm, yeah…sign me right up for that. I envisioned a cheesy commercial with a lady in a gauzy white dress skipping through a flowery meadow with the breeze blowing her hair as I read claims of how great her skin felt after voluntarily participating in this insane ritual of face-greasing. That is just all kinds of crazy.

Fast forward a while and I’m checking out some other chick’s blog… The site is called Sorta Crunchy, and much like before, I was enamored by the cute little header on the main page and fun posts all over the place. Then, what do I find?? A colorful section of the sidebar that states “I wash my face with oil.”

Oh no, another straight-up weirdo!!! How do I find these people!?

After that I did what I always do when I hear about weird and/or interesting thing: I googled the heck out of it. I started reading about this OCM (oil cleansing method) stuff like it was my job.

And what happened….? Well, let’s just say I think I need to eat some crow…

So, my apologies, Simple Mom and Sorta Crunchy gal, for thinking you were off-your-rocker weirdos who grease up your face because you just like breaking the laws of well-accepted skincare routines. I confess that I’ve tried the OCM for a month now based on your helpful recommendations and I wholeheartedly love it. LOVE IT. My skin looks great and feels so soft I can’t believe it. And I’m not even using face lotion, which I used to pay a fortune for because I needed it to fix my dry, tight skin.

And the biggest, craziest part: In the last month or so, several different people have commented on how nice (even glowing) they thought my complexion looked! Thank you, EVOO and castor oil!

So, are you thinking about jumping on this crazy train? It only takes about 5 extra minutes a day to properly massage, steam, and rinse your face. You aren’t putting yucky chemical weirdness on your face and you’re saving a bunch of money. What’s not to like?? And before you go saying how you could never do that because you have overly difficult fill-in-the-blank type of skin, just read some of these super helpful links about the OCM before you dismiss the whole shebang. There are oil combination recommendations for every type of skin. Your pores might just thank you for it. 🙂

Sorta Crunchy: I Wash My Face With Oil

Simple Mom: How to Clean Your Face Naturally

The Oil Cleansing Method (Yes, there’s a whole site devoted to this)


3 thoughts on “I Haven’t Washed My Face in a Month

  1. Oil cleansing works well and there are some great lines : ) I love coconut oil for everything. I predict oils for dace and hair to be the next big thing…


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