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Prayer for Superbowl Weekend

No, I’m not asking you to pray for a certain team to win this weekend… I dont even know who is playing in the Superbowl (except maybe the team from Indianapolis, I assume, since that’s where the thing is being held?? Really… no flippin’ clue)

But I am asking you to take a minute to pray this weekend, because although zillions of people will be enjoying the game, food, and the festivities surrounding the game, the Superbowl is also one of the largest events of the year for human traffickers. I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer, but this is something that has become very important to me as I’ve learned more about it, and each year, traffickers “ship their product” (young women, girls, and boys) to where the demand is high. The Super Bowl attracts many men to the event’s area each year, and they are more apt to take part in things they might not normally do in their own hometowns, therefore the demand for sex-for-sale goes way up this weekend in that city. The traffickers are crude businesspeople (huge understatement, I know) who are happy to respond to the whole supply-demand deal with “freshly imported merchandise.” I can’t even begin to imagine what these young victims will have to endure this weekend.

I dont know if your relaxing weekend includes watching the game or not, but would you please take a moment to pray for these women and children who are being trafficked? Think of them as your own wife or sister, as your own daughter or son…then pray like that.

If you attend GCV and want to join me in praying for these people together, Meet me at the back of the auditorium at 10:30am tomorrow and we’ll pray in between services.

To learn more about fighting human trafficking in the US, check out:
On Facebook search for Price of Life and She Has a Name.

Thanks in advance. Love to you all.


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