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fancyFREE jewelry @ Hope at the Hop!

Hello everyone! I’ve been fairly absent from the blog lately because I’ve been busy cranking out some jewelry that will be sold next weekend at a special event to benefit the work of Doma.  The event will raise awareness of human trafficking, and will educate you on the hope that exists for those enslaved in that unfortunate reality right here in Columbus.

I’m calling this line of jewelry fancyFREE.  There are some industrial-style items as well as some “fancier” items, so you’re bound to find something for all types of jewelry-lovers on your Christmas shopping list. Come visit me next weekend from 6-10pm at Hope at the Hop, and enjoy free hot chocolate, learn about the modern-day abolitionist movement to defeat human trafficking, and purchase some one-of-a-kind gifts that will help fight the good fight! Check out the slideshow of photos below. More to come!

Click here to find out all the details about Hope at the Hop, including directions to the event!

See you there!

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