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Moments, Day 15 & 16: Wonderful Weekend

Okay so I am cheating a little bit because I’m combining posts for two days. But hey, who’s gonna stop me??

I just have to say that I had such a wonderful weekend. There was no big trip planned or anything huge like that. In fact it was very busy. Todd and I had a lot to do, but the best part was that we did most of it together. I’m just aching to spend more time with him these days…we are both super busy throughout the week and we’re almost always going in different directions. But this weekend we just hung out together. In fact, he was originally planning to be out of town hunting this weekend, but decided to stay home to hang out with his girl, as he puts it. I was on cloud nine!

After hanging out all day Saturday, we finally felt a little bit “caught up” with one another. Not that we hadn’t spoken all week or anything, but we’ve just been giving each other the quick highlights of the most urgent stuff. But when you only get to see the instant replay of a football game, you miss all the little stuff that may not be technically as important but is just as fun. Like when one of the players picks a wedgie, or gets caught cussing right at the moment that the camera is on him. The funny, everyday stuff. (I can’t believe I just even mentioned football…just for the record, I have no understanding of that sport whatsoever and cannot fathom why it takes so dang long to play a game. Quit starting and stopping 5 million times already!!!) I may not know much about football, but I do know that the instant replay of a few scenes isn’t the same as enjoying the whole game.

This weekend we got to enjoy the whole game together. It was nice just sharing the everyday details, no matter how humdrum they seem, because the details are an important part of how our moments are made.


One thought on “Moments, Day 15 & 16: Wonderful Weekend

  1. Up late while Adam is out of town and Aaliyah is so adorably asleep on the couch and I thought to myself I need a little Krysten. So here I am, I guess this’ll have to do until we can hang out for real on Thursday. Have I told you that Iove reading your blogs, you inspire me to write. I only hope that I can express myself as well as you when I drum up the courage and put on my big girl panties and write.


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