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Moments, Day 6: Love My Peeps

Just a quick (really quick—I’m super tired and I get up in 5 hours!) couple of thoughts about today’s moments:

We had our home group tonight (sometimes home groups are referred to as life groups, small groups, cell groups, whatever…it’s just a group of folks from our church who get together in someone’s home a couple of times each month to share our life, see what God is up to, and encourage each other, not to mention have a great time enjoying each other’s company!) and I left there with yet another way of knowing how incredibly blessed I am to have such awesome people to share this life with. Fantastically real people who are just as awe-struck and confused and appreciative in regards to God as I am. We had some great conversation about where we all are in our current steps alongside of God and His plans…much of our talk was wondering and reaching….isn’t that where God wants to meet us anyway? Words were spoken about trusting God with our kids, our lives, our everything. We talked about making space and time for God no matter what, even if it’s just a few minutes each day. We related our relationship with Him to our marriages, how we have to carve out 1 on 1 time for the other in order to thrive in this life together. And we all probably left with just as many questions as answers (or maybe even a few more!)

After all that, there was one thing on my mind that I was not questioning, though… the fact that I’m utterly appalled that I get the chance to spend my life with such genuinely good people. They know so many details of my bedraggled  life, yet they love me anyway. They are living examples of all the things that it means to be Christlike to me, all in their own individual and very important ways. Who am I that I should get to live and learn to love alongside these people!?? Thank you, Jesus!


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