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Moments, Day 4: Unpredictable Imperfection

Well I’m a bit late posting this since it’s technically for yesterday, but hey, a girl’s gotta sleep, right? Sorry about that…no one has ever accused me of being too punctual.

So my cool moment of the day was when my principal stopped by my classroom just to hang out. He had been doing evaluations this week and although I’m not up for a technical evaluation this school year, he said he just wanted to check out how my classroom ran and everything. Of course I told him he was welcome to hang out for as long as he liked (you kinda don’t get to not welcome your principal in anytime they want, right!?)

Now this principal is fairly new to our building although he’s worked in education for a long time. He has a good head on his shoulders and I really respect him as a leader. My previous principal unfortunately was not well-suited for her job and spent most of the time just trying to make sure all of us teachers knew that we were completely expendable in her eyes and that nothing we could ever do would be good enough. So I’m kind of primed to be nervous when my administrator walks into my room, you dig?

But that moment was different. I wasn’t the least bit nervous. And no, my kids weren’t perfect either. They were doing the occasional annoying-thing-you-never-want-them-to-do-with-an-important-visitor-in-the-room, like shouting out across the room or clearly goofing off when they are supposed to be completing some serious work. Yeah, that happened. Not to mention when two of my boys attempted to move a pocket chart hanging stand (which I’ve *specifically* shown them how to move by grabbing it in the middle so the two ends won’t come apart and wreck the whole thing!) and grabbed it by the two opposite ends, pulling the hanging rod apart and causing the entire 4X4 foot pocket chart to come crashing down to the floor, along with all the cards that were in it, which then scattered all over the floor. With my poor principal sitting right there seeing the whole disaster. Nice.

My response? Well, pick everything up, dudes!

That’s what you do, right? You pick things up when you make a mess. It’s not rocket science.

So while this may not be the most profound moment of my life, it was awesome because even with all that craziness happening, I wasn’t nervous or feeling like some horribly inadequate teacher just because my kids weren’t all sitting at their desks like perfect little angels. You know why? Because they’re not perfect little angels. And I’m not a perfect teacher. And things aren’t always perfect in my (or any!) classroom. And I’m totally okay with that. In fact, that’s why I love what I do…it’s so unpredictable from moment to moment. So unpredictably imperfect, all the time.

So whatever you do, whether you sit in a high-rise office with a skyscape view, or whether you work for your family by changing diapers all day, I pray that you get to enjoy some unpredictably imperfect moments today! 🙂


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