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Remember: She has a name. And 24 other things you can do…

One link I forgot to post earlier was to the She Has a Name site. It is a simple portal to let you know what this little group of revolutionaries is all about… http://www.shehasaname.com/ 

You can go online to She Has a Name and buy a t-shirt that will no doubt spark a conversation when someone looks at you funny and asks “what does your shirt mean?” Then you can inform them of the fact that slavery is still very real and it still exists here in America and around the world. Who knows, you may do that one little thing and that may inspire them to do one little thing and before you know it, big things are happening to end human trafficking!! Isn’t that how all great things are done? One little baby-step at a time?

And while I’m at it here, I thought I’d post some other ways you can fight human trafficking. I started you off with one above…buy a t-shirt and start a conversation. Well, maybe that’s 2 things.

Anyway, the folks at Gracehaven have compiled 24 things you can do to fight human trafficking right now. Check out the list and if there’s not at least one thing on the list you can do….well….that won’t be the case so we don’t have to worry about that if.

One more thing…Doma will soon be offering it’s second Abolition U class, which was previously a 10 week evening class to learn everything you need to know to fight HT right now. This second version will be a condensed class, and it will consist of 2 Saturdays in October and a Sunday in November. I’m already on the list to sign up for the class (and sign-ups haven’t even started yet!) so if you’re interested in becoming an Abolitionist, keep this in mind and I’ll post more info as soon as I have it.  From information about previous Abolution U graduates, I’ve heard that during the class you participate in street outreach, raise awareness, visit The Freedom Center in Cincy, and  join with local abolitionist efforts who are rescuing and restoring survivors. Make plans to join with me and learn all you can!


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