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The Image We Bear

Today while I was looking through some fo the dusty books on my very loved bookshelf, I came across a note that my husband had jotted down for me inside the cover of the book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. He was re-writing a quote directly from the book (page 37 to be exact) which was speaking in general about the way in which we as humans bear the image of God. Specifically, this passage was speaking of how women and men bear different characteristics of God’s glory, and for that reason, we are different. This quote, very specifically, was speaking of how women in particular reflect the tenderness and beautiful mystery of our Creator. Here is my husband’s note to me… one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever received:

Just as Eve, you were created in the image of God, embodying the beauty, mystery, and tender vulnerability of God.

Commence with the chills and sighs. What a man. What a beautiful truth about myself, given to me from my husband, through this author, from the Creator of the Universe who wanted me to know who I really am and what I’m worth. Its beautiful. Ladies and gents, if we really knew who we were and what our Creator made us each to be, how would we approach life differently? Would women stop attempting to control their husbands? Would men stop looking for their self worth in their paychecks and bonuses? Would women stop looking in the mirror and berating themselves based on the lies they see about who they should be from the TV and from the latest Cosmo? Would men stop being afraid to fail and instead lead their families into developing rich, meaningful spiritual legacies?

My husband is brave enough to give me these reminders of who I was made to be. But will I be brave enough to accept them, breathe them in, and live them out in my daily life so I can bear the image of God in the way I was created to?


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