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Freebie: Forgiving a Betrayal Cards

One instant way to gain more freedom is by pursuing that dreaded f-word: forgiveness.

Practicing forgiveness both for myself and others has literally been a key that unlocks many doors to more freedom. You see, when we choose to forgive, we unlock ourselves from the chains of bitterness and anger that keep us weighed down and crippled. There may be times when we think someone has wronged us in an unforgivable way, such as a betrayal of trust, and we tell ourselves many things to justify our unforgiveness. But in reality, we can forgive and we must.

When I was working through a very difficult process of forgiveness, I found myself saying all sorts of things that justified why I couldn’t forgive a certain person or why I shouldn’t have to. But I knew God’s word told me differently. So I got out a set of index cards and on the front of each, I began writing down exactly what I was feeling about this person, no holds barred. I then searched scripture for truths that dispelled my unforgiving statements about the person and wrote them on the back. Through this process I was able to see them through different lenses, the way God sees them, and it helped me work through the process of forgiveness.

I’ve created a set of these index cards for you. You can print a page, cut out each row, then fold the cards in half. On the front will be the bitter lie that keeps you from forgiving, and on the back will be the statement of truth along with scripture references that will set you free. It is my hope that these will allow you to move through the process of forgiveness and become more free.

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